• 5 Benefits Of Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

    Sleep apnea is more than just snoring, as sufferers often stop breathing for long minutes while they are asleep. Dental mouthpieces made to treat sleep apnea can replace the need for a CPAP machine for those that suffer only mild to moderate sleep apnea. 1. Comfort The main reason to choose a dental mouthpiece instead of a CPAP machine is simple comfort. There are no straps or the irritation they cause to contend with, nor are mouthpieces as likely to trigger claustrophobia.
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  • 3 Dangers Of Gum Disease That General Dentists Can Help Prevent

    Most people have a daily oral hygiene routine, which is important in preventing dental problems. In addition, you also need to visit a dentist to examine your oral health and eliminate the stubborn plaque in your mouth. Adhering to these routines will help keep oral issues like gum disease at bay. Remember that gum disease affects nearly half of Americans aged 30 years and above. Fortunately, this disease is reversible if detected in time, but it could cause these three complications if not treated in time.
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