5 Benefits Of Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

Posted on: 14 March 2023

Sleep apnea is more than just snoring, as sufferers often stop breathing for long minutes while they are asleep. Dental mouthpieces made to treat sleep apnea can replace the need for a CPAP machine for those that suffer only mild to moderate sleep apnea.

1. Comfort

The main reason to choose a dental mouthpiece instead of a CPAP machine is simple comfort. There are no straps or the irritation they cause to contend with, nor are mouthpieces as likely to trigger claustrophobia. Mouthpieces also do not cause uncomfortable side effects like congestion or bloody noses, and people may suffer less irritation compared to CPAP use. Comfort makes it easier to sleep, as well.

2. Convenience

A major frustration with a CPAP machine is portability. There are travel models, but they still take up room and must be set up prior to use. Dental mouthpieces are easily portable. They slip into small carry cases that can fit in anything from a purse to a carry-on suitcase with ease. There are never any concerns with where to set up the machine near a bed, either, which is helpful when traveling.

3. Wireless

Being dependent upon electrical access is a major shortcoming of most CPAP machines, especially for those that like to camp or otherwise spend time where there is no power supply. It's also helpful to have a non-electrical option when traveling overseas, as you won't need a plug converter like you would with the machine. No need for battery packs or anything else, since a mouthpiece uses no electricity at all. This can also provide some savings on your home energy bills. 

4. Discreet

For some the use of a CPAP machine is embarrassing. There may also be concerns that the low noise from the machine may disturb a partner or roommate's sleep. If you'd prefer not to advertise that you have sleep apnea, then a dental mouthpiece is your best option for discreteness. Mouthpieces are almost completely discreet, as they are invisible when your mouth is closed. There are also no noises to give you away, so no one has to know about your sleep apnea unless you want them to. 

5. Consistency

Consistent use of a sleep apnea treatment is necessary, both for your day-to-day health and to ensure that your long-term treatment goals are realized. Unfortunately, the discomfort and lack of transportability, among other problems, can lead to inconsistent use of a CPAP machine. Mouthpieces are much easier to use with the necessary consistency, for all of the reasons listed above. 

Talk to your dentist to learn more about mouthpieces and sleep apnea treatments.