• The Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

    Daily brushing and flossing are key to healthy teeth and gums, but what you eat and drink each day also impacts your oral health. Some things you and drink can promote the formation of plaque and cavities, damaging your teeth and gum tissue. Limiting certain foods and beverages makes it easier to keep your teeth clean, protects tooth enamel and promotes gum health. The following are examples of foods and drinks that you should avoid or limit to enjoy better oral health.
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  • 3 Restorative Dentistry Approaches To Replace Missing Teeth

    A missing tooth can cause a variety of dental issues. Fortunately, if you replace missing teeth quickly, you can avoid complications like bone loss. Restorative dentistry has several approaches that can replace a missing tooth. Before you decide which approach will work best for you, it helps to understand the differences between them. 1. Dental Implants If you need to restore two or more teeth, then dental implants are the most effective way to do that.
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