Cosmetic Dentist Services That Can Whiten Your Smile

Posted on: 30 June 2023

If one or all of your front teeth aren't getting whiter with home whitening treatments, have a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Sometimes, injured teeth won't get any whiter, and you need an alternative treatment. Here are some cosmetic dentist services that can give you whiter teeth.

Bonding Helps A Discolored Tooth Match Your Other Teeth 

Bonding is a more affordable cosmetic treatment than some other options, and your tooth doesn't need to have any enamel removed for the procedure. The bonding material is placed on top of a front tooth to cover it and hide the discoloration. The material is color matched to your other teeth so it blends right in. If you want your other teeth whiter too, your dentist might do laser whitening that can brighten your teeth several shades in one office visit.

Once your teeth are the shade of white you like, the bonding material for your bad tooth can be color matched to your new white shade. It may even be possible to have laser whitening on all of your teeth and get the results you desire. The cosmetic dentist can advise you on whether laser whitening will work for you or if your teeth and injured tooth need a different treatment.

Veneers Give You A Bright, White Smile

Teeth whitening with bleach gets your teeth several shades whiter, but if you want celebrity-level white, then you'll probably need veneers. Getting veneers is a popular cosmetic dentist service since the veneers can transform your smile. These are made from porcelain, so they look like natural enamel, but they are whiter than you might be able to get with bleaching.

Some of the enamel on your teeth have to be removed first so the veneers fit properly in your mouth. The porcelain shells are then adhered to the front of your teeth to make your teeth white permanently. Another benefit of veneers is that they can change the shape of your teeth if that's needed to improve the look of your smile.

Snap-On Veneers Might Be An Option

Cosmetic dental services might include fitting you for snap-on veneers. You need to go through your dentist to get fitted for this option. The veneers snap on your molars and cover your teeth. You can get them in the shade of white you like. The results won't be permanent, since you can take the veneers out and just wear them when you're working or going out.

These can make your teeth whiter and cover a gap in your teeth at a more affordable cost than permanent dental work. However, the snap-on veneers might not be an option for you. Also, they may cost less than real veneers, but they can still be expensive, and you might prefer using the money on a permanent solution instead. They might be a good temporary choice for improving your smile.