Misconceptions About Dental Veneers

Posted on: 13 September 2017
A dental veneer is a tooth-shaped piece of dental material that is bonded to the front of a tooth. The veneer, which hides the tooth and its flaws, can transform chipped, cracked, gapped, crooked and discolored teeth. Only the veneer, which looks like a perfectly shaped, healthy, white tooth, is visible.  Many people desire an application of veneers to improve the overall look of their teeth. However, they may be concerned about receiving veneers because of false information that they may have heard about them.
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4 Actionable Steps You Can Take To Prevent Gum Disease

Posted on: 22 August 2017
If you want to save your gums and your teeth, you need to pay more attention to your dental health. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that many adults suffer from without even knowing it. Untreated gingivitis can easily morph into full-blown periodontal disease. Prevent this from happening to you by implementing the four easy actionable steps below. #1 Brush Around Your Gum Line When you brush your teeth, don't just focus on your teeth.
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How To Naturally Clean Your Dentures

Posted on: 27 July 2017
You may love your new dentures because of how great the color of the teeth look when you wear them. Understand that even though dentures are fake teeth, they still can become discolored after years of use. Dentures require normal cleaning just as if they were real teeth. If you are hesitant to use those commercial denture cleaning products, you may be interested in trying some natural cleaning methods that can provide great results.
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Constantly Have A Weird Taste In Your Mouth? It Could Be Your Teeth

Posted on: 12 July 2017
If you constantly have a weird taste in your mouth, this will affect the way foods and drinks taste to you. This can be very frustrating. Some things that could be causing this is dental problems, including the problems below. You will also find information about a seeing a cosmetic dentist, who can take care of some of the problems you may be having. Teeth Problems Cavity You may have a cavity that has fallen out and didn't realize it.
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