3 Kinds Of Dentists You Should Know

Posted on: 15 December 2021

Just like in other medical fields, there exist various specializations in dentistry that ensure patients are able to access personalized medical care. For most people, the only dentist they're familiar with is the physician who conducts their routine teeth checkups. But dentistry expands further than just dental cleaning and examination.

Every dental specialist has a unique set of skills and certifications that enables them to undertake crucial oral care procedures. Learning about the different dentist specializations in the oral health care field ensures you know the specialist you should visit for different dental issues. Knowing the various kinds of dentists allows you to take your dental health seriously and take action as soon as an oral health issue arises. If you're curious about the various specializations in dentistry, keep reading.

General Dentist

Nearly everyone who graduates from dental school can be referred to as a general dentist since they have the basic knowledge to offer patients entry-level dental care. General dentists focus on oral hygiene and restorative dentistry. This is the dentist you visit for oral health maintenance. They recommend suitable dental care products you should use to maintain a clean oral environment and strong, healthy teeth.

And in case one or more of your teeth are decaying, a general dentist is the specialist you should visit. They'll figure out the most suitable procedure to restore your teeth's health and how to prevent further infection. Your general dentist can also perform extractions to remove teeth that are too far gone to keep. This way, you don't have teeth that cause you pain and make you have bad breath.


The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think of dentistry is teeth. But dentists also specialize in gum care because without them, your teeth would easily fall off. If you notice a weird softness of inflammation on your gums, a periodontist is the specialist you should visit.

These physicians take cum care seriously because, unlike other body tissues, gums don't regenerate. They act fast when patients get gum infections to ensure the tissue doesn't end up receding due to irreparable damage.


If you have a persistent toothache, you might want to visit an endodontist. These professionals specialize in tooth canals, and the purpose of this procedure is to treat dead or infected nerves in the tooth that cause patients pain.

Every tooth has cells and blood vessels that connect it to the gum tissue. If you sustain trauma that affects this inner section of your teeth, the nerves may die, resulting in an infection that causes you excruciating pain. To alleviate your pain, a tooth canal should be performed to treat the damaged nerve.

Now that you know more about dentistry, don't hesitate to visit a local dentist when you need their services.