What Makes Dental Implants Different From Other Teeth Replacement Options?

Posted on: 25 May 2021

Tooth loss is one of the worst experiences in life. Apart from causing pain and discomfort, tooth loss can also adversely affect crucial functions such as speaking and chewing. For that reason, it's important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible, which is where dental implants come in. 

Installing dental implants involves attaching a metallic frame to the jawbone. The frame offers a firm surface for a professional dentist to place the replacement teeth, giving you the ability to speak and eat conveniently. If you are wondering how to replace a missing tooth, you won't go wrong with implants, and here is why. 

They Prevent Facial Structure Deterioration

Teeth play a vital role in terms of stimulating jawbone growth. The gap caused by teeth loss makes the body think that it doesn't need it anymore. As a result, that particular section of the jawbone starts dissolving, causing negative facial structural changes such as inward folding of the cheeks. It's also possible to develop wrinkles, making you appear way much older. The fact that dental implants are installed in the jawbone explains why they help maintain the required stimulation. This goes a long way in ensuring you never suffer any facial distortion. 

Your Natural Teeth Remain Healthy

Tooth replacement options such as bridges require grinding of the adjacent teeth. The grinding leads to a partial loss of tooth structure. Some dentures use clasps that exert excessive pressure on the teeth as the denture moves back and forth. With time, the clasps might affect gum tissue. Although dentists might recommend dentures and bridges due to some factors, it is advisable to go for implants when possible. Implants can don't interfere with the structure of the adjacent teeth. They are a tooth loss remedy that doesn't affect the other natural teeth.

They Boost Self-Esteem

Teeth loss can be a big hindrance when it comes to putting on a confident smile. This can affect the quality of life now that you might have difficulties interacting with people, especially those you meet for the first time. If this is a problem you are experiencing, investing in implants is something you can consider. Considering that they look like natural teeth, there will be nothing to stop you from smiling broadly, even in public. The improved quality of life will help take your self-esteem a notch higher.

Though there are several teeth replacement options today, implants are simply the best. In addition to preventing facial structure deterioration, they keep your teeth healthy and boost self-esteem.