5 Ways How Dentures Will Improve Your Life

Posted on: 14 April 2021

If you experience teeth loss, it can dramatically affect your life. Loss of teeth can lead to altered speech, low self-confidence, the feeling of bereavement, and ineffective mastication. In the case you find yourself in such a situation, you can deal with it through lifestyle adjustments or dental implants. You can also consider dentures.

Here are five ways that dentures will improve your life:

1. Improved Self-Esteem

As noted in a research study published by NCBI, dental disorders have significant effects on one's self-esteem levels. Teeth play a major role in one's physical attractiveness. If several of them are missing, it can meaningfully affect your perceived appearance, lowering your self-respect, self-worth, and self-confidence. However, dentures are artificial teeth that can replace your lost natural teeth. They improve your overall appearance, boosting self-esteem.

2. Improved Smile

How do you smile when your front teeth are missing? If someone cracks a joke, you are likely to laugh or smile with your mouth closed. You may have a hard time interacting with people. Dentures can give your smile a gap. Since they look more like natural teeth, it's hard for people to tell if they are artificial. You can comfortably smile, as you no longer worry about that gap created by missing teeth.

3. Improved Chewing

As identified in a report by Consumer Guide to Dentistry, missing teeth immensely affect one's chewing capabilities. You can no longer tear and gnash your favorite everyday foods. If, for instance, your front teeth are missing, biting becomes an issue. You don't have to live with such stress. Get dentures, and you can comfortably grind and chew every type of food.

4. Improved Biting

Have you ever heard about biting irregularities? Your bite mainly depends on the manner in which your teeth come together. However, missing teeth can lead to malocclusion, a condition characterized by an improper bite. It leads to a wide variety of health issues, including muscle pain, headaches, and unnatural wearing of teeth. You can improve biting by replacing lost teeth with dentures.

5. Improved Speech

Besides effects on your eating abilities, lost teeth can cause major speech changes. It becomes hard to pronounce certain sounds, especially those that are made when the tongue comes into contact with your teeth. It can also reduce your self-confidence, substantially affecting how well you express yourself. You will find yourself mumbling or placing your hand on your mouth when speaking to avoid revealing the gap. You can improve your speech by getting dentures.

The Bottom Line

Teeth loss can be emotionally distressing. You can address all the negative impacts of missing teeth through custom dentures. The artificial teeth will improve various aspects of your life, such as speech, biting, chewing, smile, and self-esteem.