Is It Difficult To Maintain Your Dental Implants?

Posted on: 24 February 2021

Gone are the days when people had limited options when they lose a tooth. Procedures like implant surgery have now made it easy for people to replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial ones. The best thing about dental implants is that they function and look like ordinary teeth, so no one can tell the difference. This way, you'll restore the functionality of your dental system and enhance your smile once more.

After having a successful procedure, you are required to care for the implants properly to heal fast and avoid complications. Healing takes months because it involves the jawbone, something that makes people assume that implant care is hard, but this isn't the case. This post will share easy dental implant care you should know.

You Should Take Your Medication as Instructed

After the dental implants are installed, you will feel some pain. Your dental professional will prescribe medicines to curb the pain. The medication must be taken as prescribed for maximum benefits. Don't just wait until you experience severe pain to take them because this will slow down the healing process.

You Shouldn't Take Hard or Sticky Foods

The food you eat will either promote or slow down the healing process. For this reason, you will have to be cautious about the food or drinks you take. Dental professionals recommend that you take soft foods like mashed potatoes, noodles, or soups. Smoothies and yogurts are also recommended, as they numb the gums and won't damage the implants. Don't eat sticky or hard foods like nuts, hard candy, dry fruit, etc., as they will make the implant's structure weak.

You Should Change Some Lifestyle Habits

Many people smoke or take alcohol regularly. These two lifestyle habits will be detrimental to the implant's health, particularly during the first few months of healing. When you smoke, blood won't be supplied to the gums, bone, and teeth properly, which will derail the healing process. Even taking too much alcohol slows down the healing.

You Should Clean Your Teeth Properly

Installing implants doesn't mean that the oral care routine should change. You still need to brush your teeth and floss daily. However, you might have to change your toothbrush if you have been using a hard-bristled one. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are recommended since they're flexible and won't harm the implants. Also, pay more attention to your gum's health and avoid conditions like gum disease, as it can put the implant at risk.

Taking care of implants doesn't have to be complex. You only need to keep these tips in mind and remember the dentist's instructions. Don't forget to go for a checkup regularly to get the implants checked.