Tips For Living With A New Dental Implant

Posted on: 23 December 2019

Will you be having a dental implant installed to replace a missing tooth? If so, you'll be wondering what you need to do differently in order to take care of it. Here are some tips for living with a new dental implant.

What To Do

It's important that you still regularly brush and floss your teeth with a dental implant. The tooth may be fake, but your gums are still very much real. If you end up getting gum disease or an infection from not brushing properly, it can cause that dental implant to fail. Pay just as much attention to cleaning a dental implant as you would your natural teeth.

It helps to use a special interdental cleaning brush to effectively clean the tight area along the dental implant's bottom surface. Some people prefer to use a water flosser, since it makes it much easier to clean around dental implants and get rid of any food particles that could be stuck around an edge.

You'll also want to keep attending your dental cleanings regularly and have the implant inspected. Your dentist will look at the implant and your surrounding gum tissue to try to catch problems early on when they can be stopped.

What Not To Do

If you want the implant to last a long time, consider giving up smoking if it's a habit that you currently have. Not only is it not good for your oral health, but it is bad for your gums. You could end up having the tissue that surround the implant become weak, which can cause it to fail.

You should also know that the implant is not impervious to damage. You can still damage the crown if you chew very hard on a bone, popcorn kernel, or other hard object. Always be aware of what you are chewing on with your teeth. For example, If you have a habit of chewing on plastic pen caps, you should stop doing this if you want to implant to stay in good shape. Many people try to use their teeth to open packages as well, which is definitely something that you should not do.

Not sure what else you should do for everyday living with your new dental implant? Reach out to a dentist like Professional Dental Center for more information. They'll give you their personal tips and tricks to ensure that you are set up for success with a healthy implant.