Why Teeth Feel Sensitive

Posted on: 4 June 2019

If you ever notice that one or more of your teeth feel sensitive when you drink hot or cold things or when you take a bite of ice cream, you likely suffer from tooth sensitivity. This is a very common issue among people of all ages, and it can be the result of many different things. Here are the top reasons people experience tooth sensitivity, and your sensitivity might be caused by one of these reasons.

Recession of gums

Gum recession that refers to the way gums start wearing away over time. While this happens naturally with age, it also happens for other reasons. For example, if you are overly aggressive with your tooth-brushing habits, you might cause your gums to begin receding prematurely. Smoking and using other forms of tobacco products also cause the recession of gums. As gums recede, nerve endings are exposed that are normally covered up, and this is what makes your teeth feel sensitive to hot and cold things.

Gum disease

If you have gum disease, you will also likely feel a lot of sensitivity to your teeth. One sign of gum disease is recession of gums, but just because your gums have receded does not necessarily indicate that you have gum disease. Gum disease forms when bacteria gets into the gum lines, and this bacteria comes from plaque. As this occurs, it also leaves nerves exposed in your gum line areas, and this too leads to sensitivity of teeth.

Lack of enamel on teeth

The other common cause of tooth sensitivity is from enamel erosion. Every tooth in your mouth erupted with a thick outer layer over it, and this outer layer is made up of enamel. Enamel protects your teeth and keeps the inner layers of teeth hidden away. Enamel wears off teeth, though, and this can occur from age, the foods you eat, and the habits you have in life. As this occurs, your teeth no longer have enough protection on them, and this leaves inner layers of teeth exposed. When your inner layers of teeth are exposed, you will feel a lot of sensitivity with your teeth, simply because the enamel is no longer present or thick enough to protect your teeth.

There are other things that may also lead to sensitivity with teeth, but these are the most common causes of it. Fortunately, your dentist can give you options for treating this problem if you are interested in finding a solution for this problem. For more information, contact a local dental clinic like Milner Dentistry