Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Freezing Before A Cleaning Session In These Situations

Posted on: 3 January 2019

When you visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned, it's conventional for the dental hygienist to perform this task without freezing your mouth. Generally, freezing only occurs with dental procedures that are more involved, such as filling a cavity. That doesn't mean that you can't ask about freezing before your teeth are cleaned, however. There are several different situations in which you may feel that freezing may be helpful, so don't hesitate to raise this issue with your dental hygienist to see what he or she thinks. Here are three situations in which you shouldn't shy away from asking about freezing.

It Has Been Years Since Your Last Cleaning

If you haven't had your teeth properly cleaned for years, there's a considerable chance that your teeth won't be in optimal shape. This will mean that your dental hygienist will likely need to work harder than usual to clean your teeth, and some parts of this session may be a little uncomfortable. You may feel that freezing could help you through this appointment, and it may also be advantageous for your dental hygienist, who wouldn't have to worry as much about you feeling each movement.

You Notice A Lot Of Tartar

Even if you've been to the dentist fairly regularly, you may be aware of a significant amount of tartar in your mouth. Tartar is especially likely to build up on the backs of your lower teeth if you don't brush carefully, rarely use dental floss, and eat a high-sugar diet. The presence of this tartar will result in a vigorous cleaning, and one that could occasionally be a little uncomfortable for you. Freezing — even just of the area in which the tartar is more pronounced — can go a long way toward improving the experience.

You Have Anxiety About The Dentist

A lot of people feel a little anxious about visiting the dentist for different reasons. Even if you don't have any major procedure to go through, you may feel a little nervous about the cleaning. In this scenario, it doesn't hurt to inquire about having your mouth frozen. Doing so can help you to relax during the cleaning, which can make the entire experience more pleasant. This is important in the long term, too, because as long as you continue to feel comfortable about visiting the dentist, you'll feel more compelled to go regularly — which is important for your overall oral health.

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