Constantly Have A Weird Taste In Your Mouth? It Could Be Your Teeth

Posted on: 12 July 2017

If you constantly have a weird taste in your mouth, this will affect the way foods and drinks taste to you. This can be very frustrating. Some things that could be causing this is dental problems, including the problems below. You will also find information about a seeing a cosmetic dentist, who can take care of some of the problems you may be having.

Teeth Problems


You may have a cavity that has fallen out and didn't realize it. Part of the cavity may be left behind. If so, you will get an infection that will change your taste. If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, then your filling is made of metal.

Over time, you will start feeling pain in this area. If you feel the tooth with your tongue, you will feel a hole there. This tooth may also be very sensitive to cold and hot foods.

If you do not get this problem taken care of it could result in your losing the tooth.


Plaque will build up on your teeth, which can change the way things taste. If you have a lot of plaque, it is impossible to get this off by brushing your teeth as it is very hard. You also may notice that your teeth become very discolored from the plaque and they look yellow even after the plaque is removed.


Not taking care of your teeth will also lead to gingivitis and you may then get an infection, which causes problems with taste. It is important that you get gingivitis taken care of as it can lead to severe problems, such as you losing all your teeth.  The doctor can treat this by giving you antibiotics to remove the infection and your taste should go back to normal.

Cosmetic Dentist

If your teeth look yellow, a cosmetic dentist can whiten them for you. They have special tools they use to get this done quickly. They will use a gel with a buffer to protect your teeth enamel from becoming damaged. They also protect your gums during the process. They can whiten your teeth many shades to get them white as they possibly can in one visit.

If you lose teeth due to not caring for them, the cosmetic dentist can use implants to replace the teeth. If you do not want implants, they can use dental bonding or a bridge.

Your dentist and cosmetic dentist can explain this information and procedures with you in more detail.