Worried About Passing Down Your Crooked Teeth? 3 Signs That Your Child Needs To See An Orthodontist

Posted on: 13 January 2017

You know the pain of having misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite all too well, and its natural to hope that a crooked smile might have skipped a generation. Now that your child's adult teeth are growing in, you can't help but wonder if they will grow up to need braces. While it's not always possible to tell at first glance if there's a problem or not, noticing these three things are sure signs that it is time to see an orthodontist to get a professional opinion.

Rapid or Delayed Loss of Baby Teeth

Those cute little baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth. However, losing too many at once may cause the other teeth to shift out of place until the adult teeth come in. When baby teeth take too long to fall out, this can also cause crowding issues. Sometimes, an adult tooth may even grow in behind or beside a baby tooth that lingers in the mouth too long.

Difficulty Speaking and Chewing

A severely misaligned bite can generate discomfort for children as they try to speak or chew. You may notice that your child speaks with a lisp or requests for their food to be cut up smaller. Sometimes, a misaligned bite can lead to chipped or cracked teeth due to how force is applied as your child eats. Failed fillings are sometimes seen in these teeth because they cannot withstand the pressure of having the top and bottom teeth hitting against each other.

Lack of Self-Confidence

As your child matures, they become more concerned about their physical appearance. Children with crooked and crowded teeth may suddenly become self-conscious about how they appear to their friends. You may notice that they suddenly start smiling with their mouth closed for photographs, or they may refuse to give an oral presentation in class. If your child's teeth are creating a problem with their self-esteem, it is important to explore the potential that orthodontics has for improving their smile and comfort.

The realization that your child needs orthodontic treatment is disconcerting. However, the field of orthodontics has changed significantly since you were a kid. Today, early treatment can give a better prognosis, and new technologies such as clear aligners have made getting straighter teeth more comfortable and convenient than ever before. By having your child's teeth and bite checked at the earliest signs of a problem, you give them the best chances for enjoying many opportunities down the road to flash that beautiful smile.