How To Fix A Missing Tooth

Posted on: 12 January 2015

If you have a tooth missing from the inside of your mouth it can have a direct impact on your appearance and the way you chew. A missing tooth will make all the other teeth around it work that much harder when you chew food. The other teeth will also collect more contaminants which could lead to faster tooth decay in the other teeth. Here is a list of things you can do to fix a missing tooth.

False Teeth

False teeth are a single or set of prosthetic teeth that are custom fitted to the inside of your mouth to replace the missing tooth or teeth. They are designed to support the other remaining teeth, gums and jaw to ensure that they don't do any damage when installed. False teeth will help improve the look of your smile and will aid you when eating food. False teeth can also be removed at any time, which will allow the dentist to get in and clean the other remaining teeth much more easily to improve the existing teeth's health.

A Dental Bridge

A bridge is when the dentist takes the existing teeth beside the missing space and installs a bridge to fix the gap. The dentist will take the existing teeth beside the missing tooth and couture and shape them, so a crown can be installed on top of them. The crown will support the false tooth in between real teeth. A bridge will help prevent further tooth decay and will also help to prevent food from getting inside the gap left by a missing tooth.

Full Dental Implants

A dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, but the dentist will actually insert a screw into the jaw which connects to a false tooth. The benefit of having a dental implant is that you never have to worry about losing your false tooth or having to take it out when brushing. The tooth is screwed right into the bone of the jaw to act as an anchor, and it will last longer than most false teeth.

Before you do anything to fix a missing tooth, you should consult with a professional dentist that can examine your teeth and come up with a plan of action to improve your overall oral health. Fixing a missing tooth can have a massive impact on a person's self-esteem, as they are no longer afraid to show their teeth and smile. Visit sites like for more information.